Visual Artist

Maria Papacharalambous


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Address: 91B, Ay. Omoloyiton Ave, 1080 Nicosia, Cyprus

Tel. 00357-99807798




1982 – 1984    Preparation for School of Fine Arts Tasou Riga Studio, Athens

1982 – 1987    Contemporary Singing
Athens National Conservatory, Mentor: Anna Diamantopoulou

1984 – 1990    Degree of School of Fine Arts

Athens School of Fine Arts with distinction
Mentors: D. Mytaras, N. Kessanlis, Tr. Paptraskides (Painting), Th. Panourgias (Sculpture).

In parallel, I completed the electives of Stage Design with V.Vasiliadis (‘88-‘89) and Fresco and Painting Techniques of Byzantine Icons with K.Xynopoulos (’89-’90).

1991 – 1992    Pintura II & Grababo Calcografico I, with distinction (matricula de honor) Facultad de Bellas Artes, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain Mentors: Lopez Soldado (painting), Jaime Hill (engraving) 

1993                Residency, Museo Internacional De Electrografia (MIDE) Universidad de Castilla - La Mancha, Cuenca, Spain

Further Education

1997                International workshop for young professionals
Selected by Cyprus Centre of the International Theatre Institute Under the auspices of the ITI – Unesco, Seoul, Korea

2008 – 2009    Women’s Entrepreneurship Program
Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus

2011                Network and Evolve

Educational Support Program for Cypriot Companies in E-business issues Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus

2014 – 2015    Art Introjection – the common space between art and psychoanalysis

5-month professional workshop, Art-Psychology Centre,

Thessaloniki, Greece

2016                Counselling and Life Coaching Certificate of Expertise

University of Ioannina, Greece

2016 – 2017    Counselling and Life Coaching Certificate of Expertise, with distinction

University of the Aegean, Greece

Thesis Title: The Art of Transformation

2017                Neurolinguistic Programming Certificate of Expertise, with distinction

University of the Aegean, Greece

2017                Neurolinguistic Programming Certificate of Expertise MetaMathesis Education, Greece

2017 – 2018    Philosophical Life Coaching Certificate of Expertise, with distinction
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece

Issue of Philosophy: Freedom and Prosperity Certificate of Expertise, with distinction National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece


Solo Exhibitions

2020 21 wonders, retrospective exhibition, The Lefteris Economou Cultural Foundation, Nicosia 

2019 Portraits- My Heterotopia, Fondazzjoni Kreattivita (Spazju Kreattiv), Valletta, Malta

2014 MNEMOTECHNICS OF THE SELF, Open C.A.S.E. 303, organized by White House Biennial, Athens, Greece

2011 Here now happiness-Illumination of soul, curated by Dermis Leon, Tabacalera, Madrid, Spain

2010 - 2011 Here now happiness, curated by ArtBox (Christos Savvides, Lydia Xatziiakobou and Thalia Stefanidou), Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Arts (MMCA), Thessaloniki, Greece

2010   Here & tHere trilogy: Gallery ARGO, APOTHEKE, ARTos, Nicosia

2007 Carte Blanche, Saison video de Tournefeulle, curated by Veronique Sabin, Tournefeulle, Toulouse, France

2007 Re-tales, Microtaz Center For Media Arts, Madrid, Spain

2006 Re-tales, ARTos Foundation, Nicosia

2002 Horizons: vertically, Gallery Morfi, Limassol

2001 Horizons: vertically, Diatopos Centre of Contemporary Art, Nicosia

2000 Metallaxi, a collaboration with the fashion designer Fotini Lamnisou

1999 Little Forgotten Fairytales, Oktana, Nicosia

1997 Dream traps, Diaspro Art Centre, Nicosia

1994 The bridge, Famagusta Gate, Nicosia

1992 Centro Cultural Meseta de Orcasitas, Madrid, Spain

1991 Diaspro Art Centre, Nicosia

1991 House of Cyprus, Athens, Greece



Group Exhibitions

2022 PLATFORMS PROJECT 22, directed by A. Potamianou and M.Argyrou, ,“Nikos Kessanlis” Exhibition Hall of Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens, Greece
Εικαστικές Σκηνές /Visual Acts curated by Mariza Bargilly, Limassol Municipal Arts Center - Papadaki Warehouses, Limassol

2020 & 21 PLATFORMS PROJECT, directed by A. Potamianou and M.Argyrou, on line

2020 Yours faithfully, A Collective Library Project by phytorio

2019 PLATFORMS PROJECT 19, directed by A.Potamianou and M. Argyrou,“Nikos Kessanlis” Exhibition Hall of Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens, Greece

2020 Life A.G. Gallery in the framework of Red Cross exhibition

2018 More than a Salad, Perceiving Academy, Cyprus, curated by Eric Ellingsen and Lynn Peemoeller, organized by EKATE, Nicosia

2018 Join the Dots - Unire le distanze, Benetton Fondazione, Salone degli Incanti, Trieste, Italy

2018 Larnaca Biennale with the group Clotho, Larnaca Municipal Gallery Larnaca  

2018 The Scriptorium of the Incomprehensible, Xarkis Festival Exhibition, Point Centre for Contemporary Art

2018 PLATFORMS PROJECT 18, directed by A.Potamianou and M. Argyrou,“Nikos Kessanlis” Exhibition Hall of Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens, Greece

2017 Viannou Gallery, Archaeological Museum of Agios Nikolaos, curated by Theofilos Tamboulis, Grete, Greece

2017 Book Art in Cyprus since the 1960, Loukia & Michael Zampelas Art Museum, Nicosia

2017 20 years of contribution in Greek Culture, ASFA, Mosxandreou Gallery Athens, Greece

2017 PLATFORMS PROJECT 17, directed by A. Potamianou and M. Argyrou, Center of Art Charilaou Trikoupi, Athens, Greece

2017 Euphoria Revised, in the framework of Paphos 17, Old Electricity Authority, Paphos

2017 Drawing Utopias, IKLECTIK Art Lab, London, England

2016 nEUROsis, In the framework of the workshop, La Cura: Ubiquitous Bodies with Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico, NeMe Arts Centre, Limassol

2016 Mind the Gap, Action Field KODRA, curated by Maria Kenanidou, Thessaloniki, Greece

2016 Inspire me, Diatopos Centre of Contemporary Art, Nicosia

2016 UNIVERSAL HOSPITALITY, collaboration in Nicos Charalambidis "Hospitality" project, VIENNA FESTIVAL, Alte Post, Vienna, Austria

2016 Squeegee Riders, ArtLabs, Phytorio, Visual artists association, Nicosia

2016 PLATFORMS PROJECT 16, ART ATHINA 2016, Athens, Greece
2016 A Thousand Myriad Waves, Apothiki 79, Larnaca

2016 Σχεδόν, organized by the poet Pambos Kouzalis Parakentro & Is not a Gallery, Nicosia

2016 CairoTronica, Cairo International Electronic and New Media arts Exhibition, Cairo, Egypt

2015 - 6 Islands of the Absurd, curated by Ingmar Lahnemann, Städtische Galerie, Bremen, Germany

2015 Asia Minor relics with contemporary look, Archbishop Makarios’ Gallery, Nicosia

2015 Sense and intellect- Still Life in the work of Cypriot artists, curated by Eleni S. Nikita, Evagoras & Kathleen Lanitis Foundation, Limassol

2015 CONCRETES OF OLD EUROPE, White House Biennial's exhibition and parallel activities on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Le Corbusier's passing, Vieille Charite, Marseilles, France

2015 LE CHEMIN DE DUANIERS, series of exhibitions, theatrical workshops and conferences in collaboration of the Aix-Marseille University, Marseilles, France

2015 Memory and Dream, 6th Beijing International Art Biennale, Beijing, China

2015 Refuge project I & II, Artspirators, PLATFORM PROJECT, ART ATHINA 2015, Athens, Greece

2015 Art-introjection, Casa Bianca, parallel program of the 5th Thessaloniki Biennale, Greece

2015 Alles Meins!, Collaboration with the artist Julio Falagan, Galeria 6MAS1 Madrid, Spain

2015 The Art in Cube, Alkyonides Zambellas Museum, Nicosia

2014 Re-materialization, curated by Margarita Kataga, Leventis Foundation/Kakoyiannis Foundation, Athens, Greece

2014 6th International Biennale for Artist’s book, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt

2014 Cyprus Contemporary Art, curated by En Typis publication, Nicosia

2014 Bread matters, curated by Ines Rolo Amado, Artos Foundation, Nicosia

2014 Alter Ego, curated by Andri Michael, Fytorio, Visual artists association, Nicosia

2014 The Kennedy Bunker, REH - transformer, Berlin, White House Biennial, Germany

2014 PLATFORM PROJECT 14, ART ATHINA 2014 (Binary Art Group) Athens, Greece

2014 KODRA cyber art space, “PLATFORM PROJECT”, ART ATHINA 2014, Athens, Greece
2014 New York Now, 133st- New York

2013 2nd site specific festival, Vyrsodepseio, curated by Elli Papacostantinou, Athens, Greece

2013 Refuge project I, curated by Andromachi Maria Xatzinikolaou, Milos Island, Greece

2013 Women At the Times of Crisis, curated by Maria Petrides, Foundation Fimonoi, Polichoros Katoi, Nicosia, Cyprus

2013 55 international Venice Biennale, Maldives Pavilion, curated by the curiatorial teem CPS, Chamber of Public Secrets, text by Maria Kenanidou, Venice, Italy

2013 The red and white flag project, White House Biennial, Tellogleio Foundation & White Tower/Thessaloniki Biennale 4, Thessaloniki, Greece
2013 White House Biennial, Open C.A.S.E. 303, Athens, Greece
2013 ART ATHINA 2013 - PLATFORM PROJECT, Athens, Greece, directed by A. Potamianou and M.Argyrou, “Nikos Kessanlis”, Exhibition Hall of Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens, Greece

2013 KODRA cyber art space, curated by Demetris Michalaros and Babis Venetopoulos, Thessaloniki, Greece.
2013 ΕΝΤΕR 6: BIOPOLIS international Biennale of Art, Science and Technology, Prague, Czech Republic

2013 Di-Egy Fest 0.1, GEZIRA ART CENTER, Cairo, Egypt

2012 Mare nostrum, curated by Nadia Anaxagorou, Famagusta gate, Nicosia

2012 Aphrodite 2012 - Sacred and profane purification, Bath House of the winds, Athens, Greece

2012 Evropaiki Poreia: Five prominent female artists, Rouan gallery, Limassol

2012 Art warning the world, a project of Klaus Guingand, Paris, France

2012 ART ATHINA 12 - PLATFORM PROJECT, Athens, Greece

2012 Avesta Art 2012, Verket Museum, Sweden

2012 Common Reflection II: transgeneration-alisms, ARTos foundation, Nicosia

2012 1st Pancyprian exhibition stage and costume design, Kasteliotissa, Nicosia

2012 at Maroudias: In Crisis - Terra Mediterranea- The Hadjigeorgakis Kornesios Mansion & the Municipal Arts Centre, Nicosia

2012 The Art of Denial, Haroupomylos art gallery, Paphos

2011 Attic Ideographs: Action Field Kodra- 11th edition, curated by Maria Kenanidou, Dimitris Michalaros, Theophilos Trampoulis, Thessaloniki, Greece

2011 The Object: Stories and Representations, curated by Dr. Andri Michael, Evagoras and Kathleen Lanitis Centre, Limassol

2011 Common Reflection I: Parrhesia, ARTos foundation, Nicosia

2011 agenda 2011- 4th edition, Library of Alexandria, Egypt

2011 Hybrid cities, National Museum of Contemporary Arts, Athens, Greece

2010 - 2011 12th Cairo Biennale, curated by Aida Eltorie, Cairo, Egypt

2010 The Sea Symposium and exhibition EL-BAHR, curated by Haytham Nawar Alexandria, Egypt

2010 50 years of Republic of Cyprus engraved by Cypriots, Hellenic Centre, London, England

2010 50 years of visual arts, EKATE, Nicosia

2010 5th Bienal Internacional de Gravura - Douro 2010, Cãmara, Portugal

2009 1st Amsterdam Biennale -Mediamatic, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2008 Portrait YK:EMX, Nicosia Municipal Art Center associated with the Pierides Foundation, Nicosia

2008 1st Mediterranean symposium of Environmental Art, Yergeri, Heraklion, Crete, Greece

2008 Post Utopia—Recycling Plato, London Festival of Architecture curated by Dr. Niki Katsaouni, London , England

2008 EU small states work in situ exhibition, Liechtenstein

2008 Guest+Host=Gost, curated by Constantinos Taliotis, YK:EMX, Nicosia Municipal Art Center, associated with the Pierides Foundation, Nicosia

2008 Zaoem Contemporary Visual Poetry Festival 2008, Belgium

2007 Memory - Meeting Europe, The Walloon Contemporary Art Center, Liege, Belgium

2007 nexus* project – Madrid Abierto (Arco Madrid), Spain

2006 Viannou Gallery, Savvas Petrakis, Basilica of St. Markos, Heraklion, Grete, Greece

2006 Memory-Meeting Europe, Apollonia European art exchanges, Strasbourg, France

2006 ArteNavas 2006, Las Navas Del Marques, curated by Rafael Nuñez, Avilla, Spain

2006 Ladopoulos papermill Patras European Capital of Culture, curated by Chrisis Chrysikopoulos, Patra, Greece

2006 stin mpouka: The visual aspect of the theatrical creation, curated by Melita Kouta and Harris Kafkarides, Kasteliotissa, Nicosia

2006 25 Cyprus artists, Archaeological museum Geni Tzami, organized by En Typis publications, Thessaloniki, Greece

2006 Petit tamaño, curated by Sebastian Petit, Barcelona, Spain

2005 Accidental Meetings, curated by Yiannis Toumazis, Municipal Art Center, Nicosia

2004 HyperLinks – 20 Cypriot Artists, 20 new signals, curated by Efi Strouza, Lanitis Foundation, Limassol

2003 The Paths of Europe, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece

2003 6th Triennale Mondiale D”Estampes, curated by Opy Zouni, Chamalieres, France

2002 The Paths to Europe, Apollonia art exchanges, Place de la Gare/ European Parliament, Strasbourg

2002 Greed, Diatopos Art Centre, Nicosia, Cyprus

2001 Triennale of India, New Delhi, India

2001 Cultural Days Nicosia, Moscow, Russia

2000 Mediaterra 2000, International Art and Technology festival, Factory ASFA, Athens, Greece 2000 Lights and shadows, National Gallery, Athens, Greece

2000 Cypriot Women, Gallery G, Limassol, Cyprus

1999 At the end of an era and the beginning of another, Gallery Gloria, Nicosia, Cyprus

1999 XX Biennale of Alexandria for Mediterranean Countries, Alexandria, Egypt

1999 one of a kind artist book, organized by Muflon Bookshop, Nicosia, Cyprus

1998 Jeunes Artistes Chypriotes, Palais Des Nations, Geneva

1997 European Biennale ‘97 for Young Artists of the Mediterranean Countries, Torino, Italy

1997 Helsinki 2000, Architecture, Finland

1997 International Biennale of Rijeka, Rijeka, Croatia

1997 6 Cypriot Contemporary Artists, Popular Bank, curated by Efi Andreadi, Diaspro Art Centrer, Nicosia

1997 A Century of Visual Creativity, Thessaloniki, European Cultural Capital, Thessaloniki, Greece 1997 The Journey, Gallery Argo, Nicosia

1997 1st Festival of Fine Arts, organized by the Cyprus chamber of fine arts, Nicosia

1997 4 Women, Rouan Gallery, Limassol

1996 Mediterranean, Municipal Art Centre, Limassol

1996 International Biennale of Kuwait, Kuwait

1996 Tribute to Van Gogh, Van Gogh Foundation, Nicosia Municipal Art Center, Nicosia

1996 Ixthis, Nicosia Municipal Art Center, curated by Yiannis Toumazis, Nicosia

1996 6 Cypriot Contemporary Artists, Municipality of Athens, Popular Bank, curated by Efi Andreadi, Greece

1996 10 Years, Diaspro Art Centrer, Nicosia

1995 21st International Biennale 95 of Engraving, Ljubljana, Slovenia

1995 The bridge, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Carrilio Gil, Mexico

1995 An Itinerary, European Cultural Month, Nicosia

1995 Poetic dialogues 2 +3, Skali Nicosia, Hiliotropio Gallery Larnaka

1994 European Biennale ‘94 of Young Artists of Mediterranean Countries, Lisbon, Portugal 1994 Poetic dialogues 1, Morfi Gallery, Limassol

1994 Gea Aphrodite, exhibition at the framework of the Panhellenic Symposium, Nicosia 1994 30 years of Cyprus chamber of fine arts, Famagusta Gate, Nicosia

1993 Libr’ art Salon International de l’art, Libramont, Chevigny, Belgium

1992 Lo que hacemos, Galeria la estacion, San Martin de Valdeiglesias, Madrid, Spain 1992 Estamos aqui, Galeria Joan Miro, Mostoles, Madrid, Spain

1991 Six young contemporary Cypriot Artists, Secretariat for Youth, Gallery K, Hamsted, London, England and Argo Gallery

1991 Rencontre ’91 des ecoles d’arts de la Mediterranee, Tunis 1991 National State Gallery of Greece, Athens, Greece



Film and Video screenings


2020 Alkatraz Gallerie Ljubljana, Slovenia

2019 Centre for Contemporary Art - Studio 37, NTU, Singapore

2019 MAB Museum am, Bach, Ruden Austria

2019 Women's Museum for the International Museum Day, Costa Rica

2019 [.BOX Space], Milan, Italy

2019 Gallery Water Tower at Letna, Prague, Czech Republic

2018 Gallery Sitka, Fitchburg, USA

2018 Centro Cultural – PLAY, Corrientes, Argentina

2018 Film Festival Alestedelima, Peru

2018 Galatea Gallery in Boston, USA

2018 Dak'art, Senegal

2018 Cultural Centre Parobrod, Belgrad, Serbia

2018 Arts Centre the Galway, Galway, Ireland

2017-18 “FEMALE”, Addis Video Art Festival, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

2017 BOX space, Milan, Italy

2017 MBG Gallery, "The Nuit Blanche", Paris, France

2017 Burren College of Art, Ballyvaughan Co. Clare Ireland

2017 Medrar for Contemporary Art, Cairo, Egypt

2017 Mamia Bretesche Gallery and Revus TK21, Paris, France

2017 “Play, Semana de Videoarte”, Corientes, Argentina

2017 Women Museum, Laval, Canada

2016 AREA, Lugar de projectos, Puerto-Rico 

2015 LE CUBE, Centre de Creation Numerique, Paris, France

2015 “FemLink A 10 Ans!” Mamia Breteche Gallery, Paris, France

2015 Galleria HUUTO, Helsinki, Finland

2014 "Domino Effect" ISFFC National program at Cine studio, Cyprus

2014 “Moving silence” Contemporary Art Museun, Thessaloniki, Greece

2014  “Split Gallery of Fine Arts”, international feminist exhibition, Croatia

2014 “BOX space”, Milan, ITALY

2014  “5sGallery”, Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC

2013  ISFFC short film festival of Cyprus, Limassol

2013 Center For Contemporary Art, Riga, LATVIA

2013 USA Essex Art Center, Lawrence, MA

Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle - KINO-LAB POLAND, Warsaw

2013 FICC CUBA, Camaguey City

2013 Museo de la mujer, Buenos Aires Argentina

2013 “Portaits Cypriots” video contemponain, Appolonia exchanges in Stransbourg

2012 Studio M, VIDEOMEDEJA Novi Sad, Serbia

2012 Center For Contemporary Art, Riga, LATVIA

2012 Montaigne Theatre, (VIT) Istikshaf, Lebanon

2012 Essex Art Center, Lauwrence (MA)

2012 Buenos Aires-Fiva, Corrientes Argentina

2012 Centro Cultural Rojas Veracruz,Mexic

2012 Casa Talavera, Mexico, Mexico City

2012 Gallery Aferro Newark NJ – USA

2012 Casa Internationale Delle Donne, , Roma, Italy

2012 - Booze Cooperativa Athens, Greece

2012 National Art-Centre of Mexico, Mexico,

2012 "Carnival of E. Creativity" Bhimtal - Sattal Estate, India,

2012 Photon Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2011 “Strange screen 11,” experimental film festival, Xidadiko, MITOS, in collaboration with the group Anemicinema, Thessaloniki, Limassol

2011 'Once... a dress' The international short film festival of Cyprus, theatro Rialto, Limassol

2011 Cinéma Féministe, Kino Udarnik, Maribor, Slovenia

2010 «FemLink», Univesity of Cyprus, Cyprus University of Technology

2009  Anaid Art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

2009  Bandits - Mages 2009,  Bourges, France

2009 Night Visions 2009, Boston Cyberart festival, USA

2009 “Festival de Cine de Granada”, Spain

2009 Video Art & Architecture event - Liquid Cities - Moscow

2009  “Cimatics audiovisual festival” Brussels

2009  ‘Fog Films’ cinema Elli, Athens, Greece

2009  “International Xperimental film and animation film festival”, Pantheon, Nicosia

2009  “Porto 7” Festival Internacional de Curtas, Portugal

2009  San Francisco short film festival, USA

2009  24th Fort Lauverdale international film festival, Florida, USA

2009  26th Kassel Documentary, Film and Video Festival, Germany

2009  International Short Film Festival, Filmini, Bulgaria

2009  Tabor Film Festival, Croatia

2009  “Moondance international film festival”, Boulder, Colorado USA

2009  “Visiomania 18”, Festival Visionaria, Siena, Italy

2009 “35th Drama Short Film Festival”, Drama, Greece

2009 “Jordan Festival”, Royal Film Commission, Aman, Jordan

2009 “International Film Festival”, Budapest, Hungary

2009  Drama short film festival travels to Athens, TRIANON film centre, Athens

2009  Sitges Festival International de Cinema de Catalunya, Spain

2009  Alcine Festival de Cine Alcala de Hevanes

2009 “Studio le Fresnoy”, National des Arts Contemporains, France

2008 “Fitchburg Art Museum”, CMWCA, MA, USA

2008 “Biennale of contemporary arts Nimes”, France

2008 Forum internacionales des Caravanes Francofones, Lyon, France

2008 Liquid cities & identities- Video Art & arcitecture event, New York

2008 58th Berlin international festival, Directors Lounge, Berlin, Germany

2008 Clemont-Ferrand, International Short Film Festival, France

2008 Images and views of alternative cinema, theatre “Ena”, Nicosia

2008 “Synesthisia” Bios, and Nixon Athens, Greece

2007  CMCA Center for Maine Contemporart Art, Main, USA

2007 Cultural Center Le Cube, Paris, France

2007 ITINERAIRES art contemporain, Paris, France

2007  Temporary Art Centre,  Nederland

2007  “Boston Cyberarts Festival”, USA

2007  “The Shed”, Dublin, Ireland

2007  “Contemporary Media and Art” Berlin, Germany

2007 Festival Loop, Barcelona, Spain

2007 5th Cyprus Festival of short films and documentary, theatro Rialto, Limassol

2007 Athens video Art festival, Athens, Greece

2007 Mostra International de Curtas Metragens, Brazil

2007 Contemporary Media and Art, Berlin

2007 Saison video de Tournefeulle, France

2007  Forum Thessallonikis, Hellenic American Union, Athens, Greece

2006  Associacao de Cineclubes de Vila Velha, Brazil

2006  European Biennale of Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland

2006  Meeting Europe, Apollonia Art Exchanges, Strasbourg, France

2006 Zagreb’s ANIMANIA program “around the world in 80 min”

2006  2th Athens Video Art Festival, Athens, Greece

2006 “Bell Art Lamia”06 Art Festival, Greece

2006  ‘Micropolis” video art festival, Athens, Greece

2005  “Projected Visions” Mostra SESC de Artes Mediterraneo, Sao Paolo, Brazil

2005   “Clermont – Ferrand” short film festival, France

2005   4th Cyprus short film and documentary festival, theatro Rialto, Limassol

2005   OLTREPASANTO “ Video sensitive postcards” Republic of San Marino

2003   “26th Drama short film and Documentary festival”, Drama, Greece

2003   International Art Expo, India 03, (Ahmedabad, Mumbai,Pune), India

2003   NONSTOP, Pabellon de Conveciones Ferial de Casa de Campo, Spain

2003  “Still Alone”, Art and Video exhibition, curated by Luca Curci, Bari, Italy

2003 “open horizons”3rdart for human rights, Foundation of Greater Hellenism, Athens, Greece

2003   26th Drama short film and Documentary festival, Drama, Greece

2003   “Synesthesia” multimedia, CyBC theatre and Rialto Limassol

2003   Xperimental 2.0, video art documentary short film animation, Pantheon Gallery, Nicosia

2003   Detroit video festival, Museum Of New Art, Detroit, USA

2002  2th Cyprus short films and documentary festival, Rialto Limassol & Cine studio Nicosia

2002  “Art and Video exhibition”, Bari, Italy

2000   IndieKINO International Film Festival, Seoul, Korea

2000   Hiroshima 2000, the 8th International animation festival in Japan

2000   New York international independent film and video festival, USA

2000   The 6th annual Victoria Independent Film &Video Festival, VIFVF, Canada

2000   Real to Reel Film & video Festival, Shelby,  North  Carolina, USA

2000   DIVERCINE festival international de cine, Montevideo Uruguay

2000   Da Vinci Film & Video Festival, Corvallis, OR

2000   MEDIAWAVE international festival of Visual Art, Gyon, Hungary

2000  Festival International de Cine y video dei Medio Ambiente de Gava, Barcelona

2000  14th Annual Washington, DC International  Film Festival, USA

1996  International  Festival of Video and Electronic Arts FIV, Buenos Air



Member of:

Directors guild, Cyprus
Fog cinematographers
the Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts (EKATE)
Phytorio, the Cyprus Independent Artists Association
the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts (ETEE )
the Centre of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians (CYCSTAT) of the Center for International Theater Institute, ITI
Binary Art Group
Espiral art group
nexus* art group
the FemLink international organization
Coaching & Mentoring Consulting Association of Greece
Coaching Students and Alumni Association of the Aegean University
Visual Art Therapists Association



Works in public spaces and private collections:

National state Gallery of Greece, Athens, Greece
Collection of the Athens Supreme School of Fine Arts, Athens, Greece Pierides Collection, Athens, Greece
Library of Alexandria, Egypt
The collection of the Cyprus Ministry of Education & Culture, Nicosia Gallery/Foundation of Archbishop Makarios, Nicosia
M.I.D.E Museum, Cuenca, Spain
National Gallery of Prague, Czech Republic
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nicosia
Ministry of Education and Culture premises, Nicosia
Printmaking Museum of Douro, Portugal
Cyprus international airport (VIP), Larnaca
Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation

Cultural Foundation of Marfin Popular Bank Alfa Bank collection
Hellenic Bank of Cyprus
Central Bank of Cyprus Collection

The Electricity Authority of Cyprus
Olympic committee building, Nicosia
Larnaka Municipal Gallery
Embassies of Cyprus abroad
Embassies of foreign countries in Cyprus
Aphrodite’s Hills Resort, Paphos
Viannou Gallery,"Savvas Petrakis" south Crete, Greece M.I.D.E Museum, Cuenca, Spain

Printmaking Museum of Douro, Portugal
Imago Mundi, Luciano Benetton collection, Italy
Gallery of Modern Art, Christos & Sophia Moschandreou, Aitoloakarnanian, Greece Medical Centres


Set & Costume design

Stage & Costume Design (selection)

1997 Iphigenia in Tauris (Euripides), Collaboration between Goethe Institute Cyprus
and Goethe Institute Greece. Presented at Kastelliotissa and In Thessaloniki,
part of Thessaloniki Cultural Capital of Europe

1998 Lysistrata (Aristophanes), International Symposium on Ancient Greek Drama,


1998 Aneva Sti Stegi na Fame to Sinefo (Giannis Xanthoulis), Cyprus Theatre

Organisation THOC

1999 O Evros Apenanti (Repas-Papathanasiou), Cyprus Theatre Organisation THOC
2000 The Price (Arthur Miller), Cyprus Theatre Organisation THOC
2002 Moon Fairy (Stoubel), Cyprus Theatre Organisation THOC
2003 O Polemos Tis Koutsoulias (Eugene Trivizas), Cyprus Theatre Organisation THOC
2003 Synesthisia, Visual/theatrical/poetic happening, Theatraki RIK/Rialto/BIOS and

NIXON, Athens. Organised by Andreas Pagoulatos

2004 A Midsummer Night's Dream (William Shakespeare), Leksis Theatre
2006 I Pio Dynati, directed by Despina Gatziou, stage design, Leksis Theatre
2012 To Neo Mou Onoma by Linos Ioannidis, directed by Despina Gatziou and
performed by Anthi Antoniadou at ARTos Foundation. I did the stage design, a
water installation.

Private collections in Cyprus and abroad