Visual Artist

Maria Papacharalambous

Action Field KODRA

Attic Ideographs

BINARY CODE: it is the language of digital technology [codes made up of combinations of the numbers ‘0’ and ‘1’], i.e. the relationship of the emptiness and the complete. An age-long relationship that remains a diachronic reality, even though it has not been extensively studied at the appropriate degree. It is so diachronic as ancient tragedy or even as much as love and death. Thus, with this intuitive thought we experience, we design, we create and, generally, we live. In its essence, Binary Art Group acts for us ONLY as an ideas-gatherer and as a biographer of our actions, which remain «automatic», «impulsive», and in many cases «extremely targeted», with the social and «state of mind» change as the ultimate goal. Through this Group, everything that we, as artists, want to say, that we choose to share or offer are noted down (with a different code each time). At the same time we note down our loud voices of resistance to the socio-political developments, since we believe that inaction contributes to the perpetuation of social injustices. Its basic principles are the following: absolutely free thought, meaning, consistency, self-criticism with the disposition to cause change and reformation to the contemporary view of the routine aspects of our life, through an ethics of truths, which according to the Marxist / Platonist philosopher Alain Badiοu, it creates the truth of love, of art, of science, of rebellion. A particular ethics of the truths and of the occurrences – a fact that leads us to decide a new way of being, i.e. a big scientific discovery, a revolution, a great and absolute love – which terrifies the dominant powers of the elites (Ethics, A. Badiou, Scripta, 1998 [Greek translation]).
With this approach, Binary Art Group:
- creates independent entities and networks (ARTos Foundation, ResArt, microARTos Madrid, Cultural observation towers, festivals, movements, «Urban Heroes», etc.)
- participates into other groups and networks (both on a local and an international level)
- produces / creates personal work.
On this instance, we suggest and present a philosophical and socio-artistic approach / stand, by referring to the unpredictable and difficult times in which we live daily. A position / opposition that re-evaluates and re-determines everything, aiming to the preservation of what is basic and self-evident. A work-in-eternal-progress, where thousands information, ideas, criticisms, and opinions trigger off a continuous calling for dispute, reconsideration, and arousement. It is a cry for a different examination, for another relationshp of «ME» and «WE», which in essence it is an inversion of «M» to «W». An ideo-cartography and a resistance to time, which invites us to see within a bigger time scope… in the future. Only now exists, and change is our reality in the future. From pain[t] = pain + [t] to here and [t]here and, now, to the attic, where once again the abstraction of time [t] redeems us from the attic to the wisdom. Our need to lighten the values… brings us against a series of philosophical opinions, ideas, and works. Therefore, next to these things we put forth our work via exhibitions, interventions, movements, activistic actions, and propositions. Common denominator is the anthropocentric approach, the sharing, and the disposition and the need for personal internal change: be the change you want to see in the world (Gandhi), the others will eventually follow… Schopenhauer says: «This hoax is endless! My innocence is enough to make me tear. Life is the hoax we all must play», and elsewhere «my philosophy has never given me anything, but it has rescued me from many things»


panoramic 360 degrees view


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