Visual Artist

Maria Papacharalambous

at Maroudia's

A Re Afrodite Project


  • Title: "Angels fly because they take their existence lightly"

                                                            Manipulated photographs on fabric


    The pillow, as a metaphor, is a witness of both conscious and subconscious dreams, is an in between dreams object, which hosts and stores the energy of the memory, the desire,  the dream. A complex memory as an alloy of emotions and stories. Within this environment it is re-negotiated the role of angels in our lives. It works as an allegoric film where every actor plays a role at the consciousness of now and the "forever".

    Maria Papacharalambous 2012

    "Maria Papacharalambous, used pillows, an especially intimate object of the home, to create a metaphor for the in between state that connects us with the complex patternes of memories, emotions and histories, connecting the conscious and the subconscious. The pillow is treated as a personal object that portrays the uncertainty of what is real and what is imagined. Papacharlambous uses old film stills and creates allegorical environments, playing with our understanding of the now the past and the future and she places them in the bedroom, a particularly intimate and pwersonal space of the home. "    text from the catalogue "In Crisis Terra Mediterranea" written from the curatorial team Re Afrodite.