Visual Artist

Maria Papacharalambous

"Aphrodite 2012 - Sacred and profane purification" Bath House of the winds in Athens

The following works were created, after finding out about the discovery of an ancient perfume workshop on Cyprus and as a response to the given exhibition theme “Venus, the goddess of beauty, of joy, of laughter, queen of all kinds of love, desire, passion, plant and animal fertility”.

In the village of Pyrgos in Cyprus, a workshop was found which once processed and produced perfumes 4000 years ago. It is said to be the first perfume laboratory in the world. (2,350 to 1,850 BC)

Archaeologists link the cult of Aphrodite with perfumes, using them to get what she wanted. Therefore, what remained for me was to wade in alchemies, and test whether that knowledge of herbs can still be used the same way today ...

Note: The Chypre de Coty, popular fragrance family is the first "Familia" fragrances created by Francois Coty, whose perfume was inspired by the aromas of Cyprus met on vacation.

Maria Papacharalambous 12.12.2012