Visual Artist

Maria Papacharalambous

Starting as an In Situ art work in Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki (6 meters long),  then evolved into a 20 meters long work, which was exhibited at Common reflections 1, in Nicosia and at Action Field Kodra, among other artworks.

"...An archive of cuttings from articles in newspapers and magazines, thoughts by others or herself and her children, are used as a thesaurus of fragmented ideas, instigations for introversion introspection. What is the value that time attributes to one’s personal archive –of whatever qualities– seen through the ideal of conquering Happiness? The artist attempts a retrospection, a scarification of her own archive, retrospectively realizing the meaning of the words and articles which she chose to conserve for approximately 20 years. The seeming heterogeneous multitude of information, up to now unregistered and thus inexplicable, led her to her own “here and now”. A set of instructions for life, whose meaning is allocated through time, retrospectively, and under the opportune circumstances..."   part of Lydias Hadjiakovou text