Visual Artist

Maria Papacharalambous

Art group Clotho*

art as therapy

I create, though, the other body, the symbolic one that defines me ... How does this body meet the core of an animalistic truth (instinct-creation) hiding within me on the artwork? How does instinct hide in my physical actions? Approaching creation in the moment of the here and now relates to a hybrid form of action that incorporates extreme embodiment and poetic word into its rhythmic dimension in order to bring forth its origin which is the sound of the body-container. In the end, everything becomes a body-artwork that vibrates and defines a body that touches its root, its “Wild Being" (M. Merlaud-Ponty). The artists produce a multiple space within the common action space with the bodies-artworks, producing therefore ephemeralities.

[* inspired by the mythological names of the fates - Atropos, Klotho-Lachesis.

Five artists meet once again and connect psychology and art.

Their objective is the inseparable relationship between the two fields and the therapeutic dimension of creation]