Visual Artist

Maria Papacharalambous

“Theoklis the Cyclopian”

[collaborative work with Achilleas Kentonis]

Interactive installation

Selected by the Ministry of Culture after a national contest to represent Cyprus at the field of installation at Mediaterra 2000, Neo[techno]logisms. International Art and Technology Festival and Symposium, Fournos Center for Arts and New Techologies - Athens
Exhibition space: Factory School of Fine Arts Athens.

“Theoklis the Cyclopios” is a creation from the distanced past, with a borrowed body form the era of the industrial revolution and communication media from the era of the revolution  of cyberspace. He lives in narcosis like each one of us today and he pathetically observes what is going on around him with his only eye.

He behaves as a mediator, collector or even rag-picker of messages of today. He invites and challenges you to write your own message on his keyboard addressed to our future descendants…  50,000 years from today. Your message will be registered in a special storage that will be carried by a satellite, which will be launched  and will be in orbit around our planet for 50,000 years (with KEO project).  If earth exists by then, this satellite will spectacularly crash on earth carrying along these messages addressed to the future inhabitants (possibly our descendants). The human vanity as motive, as hope, as misapprehension and of course as art.

Text by the jury of the national contest:

  • The work was selected for its originality, humor and the clever way in which it utilizes modern technology.