Visual Artist

Maria Papacharalambous

“What a wonderful world… west never apologises”    

[collaborative work with Achilleas Kentonis]

Interactive installation and video in digital kaleidoscope selected by the Ministry of Culture and presented at the Triennale of India.

(This work was done and presented before the September 11 events in NY)

This installation deals with today’s relationships among East and West through seven pictures that they balance between aesthetic value and information.  A ritual of power that turned into science in the western world.  In reality, it is like the erotic game of the spider that finally eats her male mate.  In this particular case though you do not know what is male and what is female, what is East and what is West. The question is when will the observer going to see his/hers self as a victimizer or as a victim. In one of the tubes the observe will recognize his face.

The 7 pictures are in 7 downy tubes in an oracle ritual structure.  There, time is spinning within infinitive repetitions of historic events. These repetitions appear separately in each tube like similar vesicles. This creates a new potential  to the picture  with a different artistic value.  This happens when the observer points this tube towards to the center of the circle.  The downy texture in relation with the  content of the picture, produces the necessary potential difference to supply a direct communication between East and West. In the 8th black kaleidoscope there is a looped video playing in reverse and having all the rockets and bombs from the west returning to New York.

In their work, Kentonis/Papacharalambous are making use of the language of art
as an instrument of global criticism. The expressive potential of the images emerging from
the seven Kaleidoscopes is being produced by the juxtaposition of images. By constructing
the images to each other, the artists manage to create an apparatus for semiotic analysis,
designed to explore the relations between the East and the West, The ritual-like arrangement
of the installation clearly emphasized the fact that the differences between the East and West
are deep rooted.

Nikos Nicolaou - Commissioner
in catalogue of 10th Indian Triennale