Visual Artist

Maria Papacharalambous

“Paths of Europe”

[collaborative work with Achilleas Kentonis]

Selected by the Apollonia European Art Exchanges in Strasbourg
Curated by Monika Sielska and Dimitris Constantinides

The "Paths of Europe" presented an original aspect of present-day contemporary artistic creation through the works prodused by the artists of the 10 EU candidate coutries.

Exhibited at:

  • 2002 Place de la Gare - Strasbourg
  • 2002 European Parliament - Strasbourg
  • 2003 Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art - Thessaloniki

Back and forth, around and about, hither and thither, deconstructing territories and mobilising identities, art is the progeny of meetings and of passings  through, the sum of its displacements. And the peripatetic exhibition “Paths to Europe” - nomadic in the literal meaning of the term - is well and truly inscribed with in this context of mobility for the works are displayed in lorries and move with there exhibition spaces.
This exhibition symbolises the long road to EU membership trodden by the candidate countries. This project traverses frontiers and embodies the free movement of artistic expression in a spirit of exchange and openness. With one artist per country per lorry, this project will assemble a veritable caravan of art and will rise up and travel across Europe.