Visual Artist

Maria Papacharalambous

Municipal Art Center, Curated by Yiannis Toumazis

collaborated work with Achilleas Kentonis

Panelle with 1989 hand-made painted (digital processing). White rope. Projector (digital image processing)

Life is a series of happenstances, coincidences and miracles, within whose unseen interstices Art moves, at times destroying, at times twisting beyond recognition and at still other times illuminating that which is already in front of us. Destiny merely determines the meeting. Man the creator intervenes, and alters or entirely changes the probable or expected result. This final result however is the beginning of a new and more substantial meeting: that of the Ego with the subconscious.

In this work, the viewer participates, intervenes and pulls on the threads (in this case the rope), in order for some such coincidence, happenstance or miracle to appear before him. Whatever appears, it’s one of the infinite happenings taking place around us daily. In any case, in the final analysis, the work deals with the self-evident.

A projected picture produced on the white rope with the help of the viewer-visitor when he or she spins it as if skipping. It’s then that the images of the before and after appear to leap and perfume life like a horizontal droplet.