Visual Artist

Maria Papacharalambous

In 2006 a solo exhibition entitled «Retales – light as a feather and free as the wind», at the ARTos Foundation and the Microtaz Art Centre in Madrid. Hanging paintings/ banners and installation. Presented at the ARTENAVAS exhibition at Las Navas de Marces in Spain, at «Meeting Europe – Memory» in Strasbourg and in 2007 at the Walloon Contemporary Art Centre in Liege in Belgium. Challenge after challenge. The personal wager this time was to create works as a painter but without the use of paint and brushes.

At the ARTos Foundation exhibition there was an installation consisted of a transparent long table 3m with an art work inside and transparent chaires around creating an environment within the exhibition. At the exhibitions followed in Strassbourg and Liege, this installation was enriched with the addition of the video "fragility" and an interactive section where the spectator could choose and place on the banners objects related to his/hers deeper memory creating that way a new artwork inclosing the collective memory of the accidental spectators.