Visual Artist

Maria Papacharalambous

Presented at  the London festival of Architecture 2008 at the Hellenic Center.

Consists of three parts:

  1. the video
  2. the blue energy tower
  3. the 5 photo lighted columns

The video work in 2008 was screeened at the "Liquid Cities & Identities" video art and achitectural event, at micro museo, Brooklyn, New York. In 2009 the video with new additional elements and information were presented in the 1st Amsterdam Biennale in 2009 at the Mediamatic, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Concept: Post utopia – recycling Plato

We see architecture as a living shell which combines aesthetic forms, as a private space that creates social interactivity, as a shelter, as a hope for happiness.

Homes are turned into small factories of managing resources, energy, fears and security. Garbage, water, even temperature are being recycled and stored for later usage. Actions with in our homes are monitored and controlled even for our mobile telephones. How could nature be part of it? How could we be part of nature? How could we propose a utopia where things could face reality in another way?

This proposal is a “fresh” approach to happiness management where nature, architectural forms and “socio-artistic technology”* could be blended together and manage, store and recycle happiness, hope and could contribute in an almost pop way to better living and why not pleasure.

* [invented term]