Visual Artist

Maria Papacharalambous

These works  were created in Spain during her staying in Madrid after she won a scholarship from the Spanish government to the School of Fine Arts, Complutense University . 
She created large monumental works using organic and inorganic materials. “…Memories recreating long lost times and places rise to the surface from the depths of the subconscious”. She graduated with distinction. – Solo exhibition at the Centro Cultural Meseta de Orcasitas in Madrid in 1992 and at Famagusta Gate in 1994 in Nicosia. 
With this series was selected by the Ministry of Education and Culture and represented Cyprus at the European Biennale of Young Artists of the Mediterranean Countries in Lisbon in 1994.  [Text by Prof. Lopez Soldado at the bottom]

  • Mixed media
    Dimensions  220 X 220 cm, 
                           110 X 420cm,

                           112 X 86 cm
                           42 X 54 cm, 

    Work from this series can be found at:

    • Cyprus National State Gallery
    • Ministry of Foreign Affaires
    • Larnaca airport
    • Private collections