Visual Artist

Maria Papacharalambous


In 1997  a solo exhibition at Diaspro Art Centre Nicosia.

Selected by the Ministry of Education and Culrure and represent Cyprus with theses works  at the 20th  Biennale of Alexandria for the Mediterranean countries in 1999 - Egypt.

Painting, micro-sculpture and installation
"I am concerned with remodelling and setting off the fascination emerging from the worthless and humble material. In this way, I am setting tangible terms of quality and substance. My works are dream-traps of distant and forgotten dreams carrying a slight quantity of charge deriving from the primeval memory. They resemble austere screens, rendered in a poetic mood. Sometimes they seem to ascent from the past and sometimes from the future."

“Dream traps of a distant and forgotten dream which carries an infinitesimal charge from primeval memory…”. In this work apparently, it is a diametric change in what concerns its area in the space. It tightly enclosed 'screen' boxes, the artist encloses a microcosm that stops in time and is left for observation. What resonates is a combination of poetic mood, sense of childhood and of imagination together with the primitive relationship between child and play. What seems to exist is a hint of nostalgia and melancholy for something that got away or was lost and remains only as a memory in time.

"Papacharalambous' artistic language is loaded with a rich and complex semantic structure. The blurred surfaces of her paintings correspond to the unclear figures post in front of them on the frame of the painting, which are suggesting the human presence. The stage design lke composition produces images of amazing intensity."    - comments from the committee.

Catalogues by: Ministry of Education and Culture -Cyprus  and the 20th Biennale of Alexandria for the Mediterranean countries in 1999 - Egypt.

  • Mixed Media
    120 X 70 X 13cm
    100 X 70 X 13cm
    60 X 75 X 13cm
    65 X 65 X13cm
    50 X 50 X 13cm

    installation   13 meters long, with kinetik mechanisms, flying clothes travelling in space in the third room of the gallery.


    Work from this series can be found at:

    • Cyprus National state gallery
    • Cultural foundation of the Bank of Cyprus
    • Medical centres
    • Resart Art Design Hotel
    • Private collections in Cyprus and abroad