Visual Artist

Maria Papacharalambous

In 2006, works from this series were selected by curator Sebastian Petit for the exhibition Petit tamaño (Barcelona, Spain).

In 2004, the film was selected by Efi Strouza for the exhibition HyperLinks – 20 Cypriot Artists, 20 new signals at the Lanitis Foundation (Limassol, Cyprus).

1999 Solo show Little Forgotten Fairy Tales, Oktana, Nicosia, Cyprus

This series of works was used for the creation of the short film An Egg which travelled in international film festivals and received the Netizen Award at the Indiekino International Film Festival, Seoul, Korea (2000) and the Audience Award at the Washington DC international film festival, Washington, USA (2000).

Works from this series belong to the Cyprus State Collection, chosen by the committee for the purchase of artworks of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Texts by Marina Schiza/ Glyn Hughes/ Efi Strouza


  • Mixed media
    Numerous small dimension works

    Work from this series can be found at

    • National State Gallery
    • Embassies of Cyprus abroad
    • Embassies of foreign countries in Cyprus
    • Medical Centres
    • Private collections