Visual Artist

Maria Papacharalambous

2015 “Mnemotechnics Of the Self”  Personal catalogue.

The catalogue was printed with the occasion of Maria’s Papacharalambous participation in CairoTronica, International Electronic and New Media Art Symposium (Cairo, May 3-17 2016)

It contains the text “From the mnemotechnic of the ego to the devise of the us: for a "practical" aesthetic” of Sotiris Bahtsetzis, has written and accompanied the solo/ retrospective  exhibition of Maria Papacharalambous with the title: “Mnemotechnics of the Self” which took place at Open C.A.S.E. 303, Center for Arts Science & Education in Athens, on May-June of 2014, in the framework of the participatory platform White House Biennial.