Visual Artist

Maria Papacharalambous


2014 The  publication "Cyprus tracing the non - visible" was awarded by the editorial excellence awards 2012-13.

2014  She was awarded as the woman creator of the year from the madame Figaro magazine,  DIA publishing house.

         The purpose of this institution is to highlight  and reward the Cypriot women who excel each one of them  in their  field each year.

         Receiving the award from the Cyprus Government Spokesperson Niko Christodoulide.

2011 'Outstanding Earthen Architecture in Europe Award 2011' with the architect Antonia Theodosiou

2011  In 2011, as in 2006, she was proposed as the woman creator of the year 2011 from

         the DIA publishing house and the European University. The purpose of this institution to highlight and

         reward the Cypriot women who excel each one of them  in their  field each year.

2009  Works of her were selected by Paper Kite Press Studio and Gallery in United States and published as
          visual poetry

2008  ARTos Foundation was awarded by The University of Cyprus award for the contribution to culture
          and society

2007  ARTos was invited by Amaze Lab and IUVA University of Venice to be part of the 2007  Venice
          Biennal, Venice, Italy

2007  ARTos was  invited by the organizers of Art Athina 2007 and appeared at the Helexpo as an 
         autonomous work of social    sculpture, Athens, Greece

2007  ARTos was invited and presented at the May Fair at London’s Tate Modern as a contemporary
          cultural organization which   promotes the culture of its country while at the same time developing
          powerful initiatives which it implements to the benefits of modern European civilization, London, UK

2007  Nexus* project was selected and funded by Madrid Abierto competition, Madrid, Spain

2007 “Experimental animation award” in the 4th Cyprus short film and documentary festival, Limassol

2006 “Distinction” at Bell’art Lamia video Art Festival, Lamia, Greece

2006  Won the sculpture competition for the new building of the Olympic Committee, (one of the eight first
          prize), Nicosia

2006  Finalist for the Woman Artist of the Year Award, Figaro Magazine, Nicosia

2005 “Distinction” at the Architectural National Competition Alexi Theodosiadi,Nicosia

2003 “Special award” by the Hellenic centre for cinema at the 26th short film and documentary festival –
          Drama, Greece

2003 “Documentary award” on the 2nd Cyprus short film and documentary festival, Limassol

2000  Won the national competition for representing Cyprus at the  [email protected] International Art and
          Technology festival and symposium, Athens, Greece

2000 “Audience Award” the Washington DC international film festival 2000, USA

2000 “Netizen Award” Indiekino inetrnational film festival, Seoul, Korea

1997 “Europa Nostra Award” for the contribution to European culture

1996 “Art Addiction Award” espiral group, Stocholm, Sweden

1996  2on price at the pancyprian photographic competition

1994  Proposed by the Cyprus Chamber of fine Arts for the UNESCO international
          competition for the award of Art.

1993  Schollarship at MIDE – Universidad Castilla La Mancha

1992  Graduated with “matricular de honor” from Facultad de Bellas Artes

1991-92  Spanish Government scholarship

1991  Graduated with “distinction” from Athens Supreme School of Fine Arts

1989-91 Greek government scholarship

1984-89 Cypriot Government scholarship

1984 “First place in the entrance examination for the Athens Supreme School of Fine Arts