Visual Artist

Maria Papacharalambous


ResArt [the art of living]

ResArt, was created by two artists /researchers/ cultural entrepreneurs,  Maria Papacharalambous (art and philosophy) and Achilleas Kentonis (art and science).  The vision is to be a hostel of culture, unique in its kind. An ArtHotel that is capable of offering hospitality to cultural tourism where artists can coexist side by side with scientists, business men, politicians but above all with people who never stop dreaming. Two traditional buildings were joined together and a modern wing was added. The restoration was done in close cooperation with the architect Iraklis Papachristou. A meeting of the old with the new, a meeting of art, design and architecture in the name of hospitality. It has five rooms - representing the five senses. Under specific conditions a 6th sense room, in a pop up way, is also available. It introduces  a new meaning to the notion of hospitality.

ResArt - Happiness Res[t]Art 

ResArt the “Art Of Lining” is the result of a series of artistic, scientific and philosophical research projects that we, as multidisciplinary artists/scientists, perform since 2008. Our aim is to find ways how to make the people happier. This knowhow was the driving force to create a series of hosting “designed happy” places, managed  by ResArt. Those places are specially designed by utilising unique techniques to secure high vibrating environment such as positively energized water, geo-magnetically tested and beds positioning, electro-magnetic emission free (following the Swedish Standards). This is probably the only place in the world providing these kind of services. At the same all those places are surrounded by  artworks, philosophical quotes and include specialized library inspiring the “well being”. This combination contributes to mind shifting towards happiness for our guests. For us Life = Art and Art = Life as an extension of the Greek philosopher Ploutarchos who is exploring the art of living in an anthropocentric orientation.  

This new magical portal, attracting distinguished personalities from all over the world who are open to a new experience and seek for a brief escape to something entirely new and different from everyday life. A new stimuli, a new proposal.


ResArt –Happy Places 

Artistic and Scientific Residencies

ResArt offers artistic and scientific residencies in all associated happy places. It also provides working and exhibition/presentation space according the needs of the resident. In addition ResArt is offering the necessary support for creation in different fields. Residencies are open all year round and the prices vary according on the duration, location and the type of the support needed. Some residencies are funded by European institutions or Europeans programs.

Artists and scientists interested in taking part in ResArt residency program are free to be sponsored and supported by different institutions, organizations, governments and their logos will be included in all promotional material. Invitation or recommendation letter can be provided.

Artistic/Scientific residencies in the fields of:

  1. Media arts (photography, video, video installations, multimedia, micro-controllers, kinnect cameras etc)
  2. Sound/music composition/performance (research in sound, electronic music, sound installation, instrument design, sensors)
  3. Script writing (long term residencies at locations near the sea or country side for script writing, poetry, literature and anything related to writing -internet available)
  4. Artist family type residency (open to all media artists with family so they can stay longer while enjoying their family)
  5. Innovation residencies (open all year round for applicants from different disciplines who wish to attend the crash course of the Innovation Gym or participate on a joined project for a start up or a design)

For applications please send short proposals to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.