Visual Artist

Maria Papacharalambous

Artwork Concept:

The denial as an "intelligent" negotiation mechanism or even better a management tool of the bad communication with our self, is one of the deepest and mysterious behaviour of our human nature. Is a safety pull out from what we call "responsibility or duty to act" .  The difference between the "I know" and the "I am aware" liberates us from the social responsibility when our consciousness looks us straight in the eyes. That is another technique , another auto pilot of our intelligence. And all these because everybody wants to feel good and accepted.

This aspect from human nature is presented through this installation and consists of three series from my work [Re-tales 2006-7, Here & tHere 2010 and the Here & Now Happiness 2011]. Selected works from these three series approach three different levels of consciousness.

[Re-tales] - from the level of re-narration of the reality of the past, as a monument of today.

[Here & tHere] from the level of NOW and here as a denial of time

[Here & Now Happiness] from the level of NOW, HERE and Happiness as part of integration.

All three parts are just one artwork with three critical positioning of denials energy or even its absence.

A voice of resistance raised against sociopolitical developments, believing that inaction contributes to the perpetuation of social injustice. Its basic values are: thinking free of everything constraining, meaning, consistency, self-criticism with the aim of causing change in the beaten path of our life, of reconfiguring it within the context of today. And all these through an ethics of truth which, according to Marxist/Platonic philosopher A. Badiou, creates the truth of love, of art, of rebellion. A specific ethics of truth and event – an event that leads us to choosing a new way of being, for example a great scientific discovery, a rebellion, a great and absolute love – which terrorizes the dominant power of the elite (Ethics, A. Badiou, Scripta, 1998).

Its a philosophical and socio-artistic approach/positioning referring to the unpredictable and difficult times we live today. A re-evaluation and repositioning  of everything in order to safeguard the basic and self explanatory. An art work with thousands of ideas, critiques, positions which stimulates a continues call for questioning  and being aware. An investigation of the relation between "ME" and "WE" which in reality is a reverse of M into W. An Idea - mapping and a resistance to time  which challenged us to see deeper in time ... to the future.

* and so I created the socio-artistic movement "reflections" in 2011.





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