Visual Artist

Maria Papacharalambous

The idea of the creation of a socio-artistic movement was taken from a poem by Arthur Rimbaud "A season in hell (bad blood)".


Hire myself to whom?

What beast adore?

What sacred images destry?

What hearts shall I brake?

What lie maintain?- Through what blood wade?


This movement was announced in Istanbul in March of 2011. 

The launching took place at ARTos Foundation on the 11th of May of 2011 with the title "Common Reflections - Parrhesia" as presentation/exhibition/action

  "Common Reflections I"  

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Evanthia Tselika's work is focused on the role of socially engaged art within segregated urban contexts through the case study of Nicosia, Cyprus. Her practice led research is based on the use of artistic practice to develop critical reflections on the social dimension of art which, has been increasingly becoming established in the arts system, arts market and arts educational structures. The work focuses on how artistic practice can bring together different social groups and resist the hegemonic structures that render city life fragmented and divided.