Visual Artist

Maria Papacharalambous

In 1995 in parralel with the event "Message in a bottle", in collaboration with the MIDE Museum in Spain and the Carillo Gill Museum of Modern Art in Mexico they organized the international happening entitled “Open Bridges” which was presented at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. At the same time, through simultaneous and two-way satellite links with cultural centres abroad, various performances were presented, including the Cypriot traditional dance of the glasses as a living sculpture and an allegory of the delicate balance that exists in Cyprus. This attracted international interest and coverage by CNN, Euronews, Asian News International. Once again a crossing from the personal to the social in the form of an urban intervention and socio-political art.



This project was about the construction of a graphic bridge to infinitythrough cyberspace with the collaboration of artists from Mexico, Spain and the rest of the world. It was based at the Museo Internacional de Electrografia in Cuenca, Spain and Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Carrillo Gil in Mexico D.F. Open Bridge explores the graphic union of fragmented realities, in which each portion of the bridge becomes an individual unit (all about itself), and it is relevant in function to the rest of the parts (or arches). It was a simple metaphor, in which the bridge was the virtual closeness between cultures, nonetheless the actual sharing of the experience was a minimal point of joint. In the end the final result reflected the actual disparities between cultures. Open bridge was a proposal of unity and diversity, adding fragmentary realities that were put together, open to everybody, one encounter between reality and virtual reality. Untill today Nicosia, lives divided, since turkish occupation in 1974. This project was born from our preocupation about this separation provokes us and like a reason to think over the necesity of build bridges wich make easy the dialogue and reconciliation.

This was an open invitation to artists of any nationality and any medium to participate in the "construction" of a graphic bridge and perpetum . The project called for images letter size in height (21cms) and lenght of any size. There were GIF examples in the library under the name of open bridge. In each drawing the connection point between each drawing will be at 14 cms height in order to create certain continuity in the over all connection and hanging.