Visual Artist

Maria Papacharalambous

  1. Establishment of ResArt/ a hostel of culture, unique in its kind. An art hotel that is capable of offering hospitality to cultural tourism. Where artists can coexist side by side with scientists, businessmen, politicians, but above all with people who have never stopped dreaming. Two traditional buildings were joined together and to them was added a modern wing. The restoration was done in close co-operation with the architect Iraklis Papachristou with respect for tradition. A meeting of the old with the new, a meeting of art, design and architecture in the name of hospitality. It has 5 rooms –the same as the 5 senses…It introduces a new meaning to the notion of hospitality. A number of activities take place in its own multi-use space.


The Vision

A high quality alternative proposal of hospitality that leaves its own particular imprint on our capital city. The first Art "Hotel" in Cyprus. Its name, ResArt, from the words Residence and Art. In the beautiful Ayioi Omologites neighbourhood with its traditional mansions and picturesque streets that create a magical, dreamlike atmosphere. A new, different space for hosting artists, scientists, from abroad, and for anyone else who is open to new experiences and is seeking a brief escape to something entirely new and different from everyday life. A vision of the creation of a new world and a place in which hospitality becomes an art in itself. Art Hotel: new stimuli, a new proposal.

A magical portal, an escape into a completely different and very special world: a world brimming with new feelings and sensations.

Discreetly, impeccably, and with a great sense of respect, this world manages to bring together traditional and modern elements, while maintaining delicate balances and exuding warmth, serenity and relaxation, with absolute respect for the building and its history and a concept revolving around the main axes of clean lines and design details.

Minimal interventions, artistic strokes in conjunction with the careful combination of traditional and modern architecture make this small yet functional hotel unique and special, with the "present" flowing through all spaces. The purity of the space brings visitors face to face with a series of charming and pleasant surprises

Design objects in conversation with traditional elements.
The modern, original works of art discreetly and carefully placed in various places, exude positive energy and vivacity.

A human environment, a micro-community surrounded by art and culture. A space where a variety of people from the arts, sciences and other areas come together to exchange views and ideas.

ResArt has all the necessary elements to ensure the best possible service to its guests, offering in addition to its flawless décor and amenities, all essential services for a memorable stay.