Visual Artist

Maria Papacharalambous

the [nexus*] artgroup

Is an international organization of artists characterized by flexibility and permeability and composed of the following members

    *  margie kanter (USA, writer of short literary pieces and intercultural trainer)
    *  maria papacharalambous (Cyprus, visual artist)
    *  achilleas kentonis (Cyprus, multimedia artist)

    *  jose luis delgado-guitart (Tanger International, multimedia artist)

    *  ricardo echevarria (Spain, multimedia artist)

An audiovisual intervention affecting the cellular terminals of the inhabitants of Madrid when they pass thorugh a point of conflucence (in this case, the tunnels at the point of meeting between the streets: Maria de Molina-Serrano).

We consider the project an urban experiment and at the same time an active manifest about the reconsideration of the work of art and its multidisciplinary characteristics/possiblities while the same time challenging what is private space.

This project was selected and funded after an international competition by Madrid Abierto and was invited by Amaze Lab and IUVA University of Venice to be part of the 2007 Venice Biennal,  Italy